How we do it

It is important that any sales review be completed in line with the business strategy. Sometimes the business strategy can come in the form of an extensive document that outlines in detail all functions, budgets and targets. Other business strategies are discussed verbally at board or business owner level and never written at all.

We understand that every business is different and comes with different challenges. We know that not every business can sustain huge sales growth rates or invest in top heavy sales teams. That is why we ensure we spend time up front with you to understand where we can help you.

The role of Inspire Sales is to understand the business strategy however it is communicated and agree whether the business wants, needs and can afford our services to support and develop the Sales function of the company at that time.

Our process is simple but effective:

This process enables us to form a relationship with you that will instil confidence in our services.

Understand → Conditions of Satisfaction → Implementation → Feedback


The business strategy encompasses the company plan, the sales function is a fundamental part, as below:

  1. Marketing: Creating demand, stimulating the market.
  2. Prospecting: Buyer identification, finding decision makers
  3. Selling: Securing purchase commitment, confirming the order
  4. Fulfillment: Delivering the product or service
  5. Customer service: Providing ongoing service to customers

Our experienced level of fact finding will provide us with an in depth understanding of your  business. From this information we can determine whether we can provide  recommendations to drive the business forward.

Conditions of Satisfaction:

As in all successful partnerships we need to commit to each other. This ensures we develop  conditions of satisfaction, which if met, will result in our services being implemented. This  point we make a commitment to the partnership.

Example Conditions of Satisfaction:

Assign an short term sales manager
Develop Sales function or health check
Deliver telemarketing resource for 2 days a week


This is the process of putting the agreed services into action.

The relationship we develop will ensure that you are aware at all times of the activities implemented, and where necessary informed first.

Regular Feedback:

It is important that in the partnership, both sides provide feedback. This ensures robustness in the delivery process. The feedback schedule will depend on the company and agreed commitments, but rest assured Inspired Sales are always clear, honest and available.

Feedback is not the same as criticism, feedback promotes positive action.

Implementation Table