Developing & implementing performance improvement initiatives

As professionals and business leaders, we are constantly focused on achieving the highest levels of performance. More often than not this is assessed on what we produce, deliver or our service levels.
At the start of a New Year we commit to trying harder at selling to increase sales and more importantly profit levels. Are we able to increase sales & profit by being more focused on function and processes within the business to enable us to increase performance and reduce time?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – Albert Einstein

Developing & implementing performance improvement initiatives, continuing to improve and innovate is very difficult. Sometimes, in looking at sales performance improvement, it’s important to break it into a couple of components:

1 Being as effective as possible – Sales effectiveness generally focuses on, are we doing things in the best possible way?

2 Being as efficient as possible – Sales Efficiency typically focuses on speed, time and resource.

Effectiveness and efficiency go hand in hand when we are looking to achieve the highest levels of sales performance. Doing things right–but at the wrong tempo doesn’t allow us to perform as well as possible. Executing bad processes in the shortest time possible doesn’t improve performance.

Too often we see performance improvement initiatives fail because people are trying to change too many things at the same time. Often, it’s important to separate the performance improvement initiatives, focusing first on one area of improvement, taking small, but very rapid steps.

As we as individuals or as our teams start maximizing their effectiveness or impact, then we can start working on efficiency–how to we achieve the same goals more quickly, how do we achieve the same outcomes with a smaller resource investment?

If you are struggling in making your sales performance improvement initiatives work, consider separating them–focus first on effectiveness, then focus on efficiency. You’ll find you are accomplishing much more–faster.


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