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What we do – Sales Consultancy

To develop a sales plan is to understand the business strategy however it is communicated and deliver a Sales Plan that will ensure the business objects are delivered by the sales function.

Whether you are operating a simple direct sales model, or a complex multi-channel with many routes to market, we can help.

At Inspire Sales we understand that every business is different and at it’s own unique point in time. Therefore when you engage with Inspire Sales we need to really get into the heart of the business and the business owners objectives. Inspire Sales help to develop or review your sales plan to be aligned with these individual objectives to give focus and direction.

This sales plan will provide a road map that will contain milestones and targets that can be monitored to ensure progress is being made, taking small, but very rapid steps. The sales plan will enable the business to focus on the day-to-day; knowing that it is working towards the predefined milestones and targets. The aim of the sales plan is defined by the business objectives, these can include increased sales turnover, increased profitability, growth of contract base, a mix of all three etc…..

Some of the areas we investigate:

• Routes to Market

What sales channels are you using? What other options have been / should be have been / should be considered? Who takes responsibility for managing them? How aligned are they with each other?

• Staff Planning

Do you have trigger points that mean you need more resource?

• Operational Marketing

Are you generating enough prospects to sell to? Is your sales function responding to inbound leads generating by marketing, or are they proactively generating their own prospects to sell to?

• Prospect Data Management Process

Are sales leads slipping through the cracks? How are you managing your customer data? Where are you collecting your prospecting data from and how are you making the best use of it?

• Sales Management systems

Are these generating top performance from your staff? What percentage of sales management time is spent coaching sales staff, and what training have sales managers had to perform this? Are your sales managers also performing a sales role, or are they exclusively line-managers?

• Sales Team Capabilities

How suitable are your sales team for their sales role? Do they have the specific sales skills they need to take a prospect through your sales process? How are your sales team improving their sales skills? Do your sales team members have Personal Development Plans or appraisal system that they are engaged in?

• Reward Mechanisms

Are you relying on financial rewards, are they generating motivation?

• Metrics and Measurements

What numbers are you counting, and how do you use them to incentivise performance? Who gets to see them and where in your business?

• Company Culture

How well does your sales team interface with your marketing, product/service development, finance departments?

Yes, there are a lot of questions. Unfortunately no-one has all the answers but our recommendations will relate specifically to your business and its sector.

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