Sales Training

Training is boring…Isn’t it?

‘I never learn anything new’
‘Death by PowerPoint…’
‘It’s not specific to my role’
‘It’s a chance to get out of the office/off the phone for the day, that’s all’

You may have heard these and many other negative comments about sales training in the past. Indeed, you may well have said something similar yourself!

So why should you ask Inspire Sales to provide Sales training for your staff?

It’s not about sheep dipping your entire workforce if they don’t need it, it’s about honing the skills of those who do.

Inspire Sales is a sales training consultancy which will provide you with the right training for your people, Inspire Sales looks at training differently. It’s about you and your people. With targeted training packages which include bespoke tailored solutions, Inspire Sales will look at what is right for your organisation.

Incorporating face to face workshops, participant workbooks, handouts and pre-course work, you will be provided with the relevant resources to address your sales training needs. We will not bombard you with unnecessary resources because it makes us look good.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”, Benjamin Franklin

We will, however, ensure your delegates are fully engaged in the sales training solution. We offer participative learning, hands on, learning by doing. This also includes Train the Trainer events, and Management courses on developing your people, so you can take the learning back into the workplace to ensure it is embedded long term.

Using modern techniques such as window panes, chunking and SAVI , we keep the learning environment interesting, creative, fun and relevant.

Inspire Sales offers a wide range of Sales Training, for a FREE no obligation assessment to see whether the Inspire Sales approach can help your business please contact us on 07447 482 504