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Why we need Activity Goals and Metrics?

One of the most severe oversights a salesperson can make is to go without activity. Even the smallest periods of time without activity end up causing major problems in producing results later, especially since the activities we do don’t line-up nicely with the results that we produce. As much as salespeople may want to resist […]

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Training is boring…Isn’t it?

Training is boring…Isn’t it?  ‘I never learn anything new’ ‘Death by PowerPoint…’ ‘It’s not specific to my role’ ‘It’s a chance to get out of the office/off the phone for the day, that’s all’ You may have heard these and many other negative comments about training in the past.  Indeed, you may well have said […]

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10 more tips for sales improvement:

Here are some simple ways to help improve your sales number and team performance: Getting Organised – Develop and write down your processes this will highlight bottle necks, streamline what you do and standardise the team activities. Know you customer – The more you know the better your chances of building a relationship and developing […]

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