What we do

Inspire Sales is a sales agency dedicated to delivering improved sales and profit to SME’s. The areas in which we specialize are:

  1. Sales Plan / Strategy – A sales plan should be short, simple and to the point. It’s basically our strategic and tactical plan for acquiring new business, growing our existing book of business and making and/or exceeding our sales. Typically, a healthy mix would include 75 percent of your sales from new business and 25 percent from add-on business from your existing customers. All businesses are different, a good sales plan can add huge value to your business by offering focus and help you work efficiently
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – This period of recession has been difficult most companies have stripped out all unnecessary costs and overhead, therefore working efficiently, how you manage your data, existing clients and potential customers is of utmost important. Manage your processes and data with good systems
  3. Sales Lead Generation – Looking at new ways to increase your sales, let us deal with your telemarketing, we have years of experience in telephone selling.
  4. Internet Marketing – SEO, PPC, Social Media, where do I start? I have heard people talk about these or I have tried them but I don’t see the value or haven’t managed to get anything from them. If this is something you are experiencing let us explain in a very simple terms how you could benefit from these internet marketing activities.
  5. Sales Training – training is boring isn’t it? So why should you ask Inspire Sales to provide Sales training for your staff?

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